Smart glasses you would actually wear

It's been a while since my last blog post (not on this URL obviously), so I'll be starting a fresh one...

I like gadgets. I like useful gadgets, and I found one. Smart glasses that fit transparently into my daily life from the first moment - Crullé Smart Glasses, model CR07B to be precise:

Ordered them from my local distributor here in Croatia, with photosensitive lenses and diopters, and got them within 4-5 days.

Very practical for all-day use - in one product you get diopter lenses (if needed) + sun glasses + headphones with mic

Key tech specs:

  • battery with 160h standby, 6h phone, 4h audio
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • discrete LED status indicator
  • stereo open-ears speakers and a microphone
  • touch controls

Box content:

  • a box :)
  • smart glasses
  • soft cover/bag
  • cleaning cloth
  • USB magnetic charger
  • user manual


  • comfortable to wear
  • they look like the most normal glasses, so you won’t stand out like a freak, until you answer a call :)
  • very practical for all-day use (check on battery usage) - diopter lenses (if needed) + sun glasses + headphones
  • very good audio quality during phone call
  • decent sound quality when listening to music (practically without bass, but I don't mind for this type of product)
  • quite fast connect with devices, which is helpful if you don't keep them turned on all the time (to save the battery)
  • wide range of design variant to order


  • it would be great to have a bit more powerfull battery
  • it is not possible (I contacted their support - both manufacturer and local distributor) to order additional charger - I wanted to have one at work and the other at home (so, keep in mind to carry the charger with you)
  • depending on the environment, the headphone volume needs to be adjusted manually
  • does not support Bluetooth multipoint
  • questionable servicing by manufacturer (local distributor can support only lenses)

Before I made purchase, I did some research. Couldn't find any more details on this specific product, but found it under different manufacturers - Hoyee Eyes and Vue Smart Glasses (everything, including the packaging, is exactly the same as Crullé).

Regarding those, here you can find several YouTube reviews:

Hoyee Eyes offer a different range of design variants, sunglasses-only lenses in different colors, models with "quick release" feature for additional frame customization, and models with slightly stronger battery. After contacting their support, they sent me a hidden link with which I can make a $10 purchase which covers an order for USB charging cable - and I ordered one (waiting delivery at the moment).

Vue Smart Glasses also offers a different range of design variants, but also additional accessories like charging case (for some models), carrying pouch and most important - charging cable.

At this moment, the Crullé glasses are on sale for *119.90 € (discounted from 149.88 €) and are available across EU. If you need them outside of EU, try with mentioned Hoyee Eyes and Vue Glasses (similar price).

* This price is only for frames, not with diopter lenses etc. Currently, Crullé and Hoyee offers free delivery.

Aforementioned manufacturer - Vue Smart Glasses, also have an advanced model - Vue Pro, check it out as it comes with some cool features: charging case, activity tracking, notification, selfie camera remote, swipe controls, head motion control and head detection, voice assistant... But it comes with a price - slightly bigger frames, but doesn't seems bad.

Also, you might wanna check on this one - - smart glasses with cool feature but without option to order diopter lenses.

All in all, to conclude, I'm writing this post a month after the purchase - I am very satisfied. 👍
Time will tell how long they will last.

For my next order (when this glasses wear out?) I'll check on Hoyee and Vue, but I'm sure that till then something completely new will come up...

This is not sponsored post, I'm not getting paid for it by anyone, this is just my honest short review on a product I bought for my personal needs.


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